John Clearwater
John Clearwater


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Hunger Games

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John grew up in district 4 and always dreamed of being a teacher as he had a fondness for children. He got married when he turned 21, to Mary Clearwater. They had three lovely children and John was on the verge of getting a teaching job when his wife passed away sudennly due to a disease that targets the brain cells. John was devastated and he didn't have the time to wait for a teaching job as with his wife dead he was the only one left to support the family.

John took up a job as a fisherman, which payed poorly but the family scraped by. He loved his children dearly and was upset when his eldest daughter Haylee, took terasse but with money so low, they had no choice. John's dreams were given up after losing both his dream job, lovely wife, and connection to family as his parents and older siblings declared they would have nothing too do with him after he married Mary.

On His own John Continues to raise the children, trying to shape them to be kind. honest and thankful girls despite their situation.








Hunger GamesEdit

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