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Felix Wood – District 7
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"Hello, I'm Felix" he said with a huge smile on his face. He seems delighted to see you.

General InfomationEdit

General Infomation


Felix Barry Wood







Felix was born on the 12th September in District 7. Felix often shared his time with his father out in the woods. His dad's taught him how to use axes while his mother taught him how to paint. Felix was always close with his family.His dad is a Lumerjack and his mum is a painter. Felix has a small family.

When, Felix was small his Aunt was involved in a Fire. The fire bunt down her aunt's house and killed her with it. Felix still has nightmares from that day.



Felix is a happy, talkative character. Her spends his time, laughing and having fun regardless of the hunger games. He is described as having a kind heart. Felix can be a little crazy sometimes often saying "Penguins" at random times. Even so, he is truthfull and respects others. He is trustworthy and very loyal to those he loves. Felix loves the great outdoors and will be seen mostly outside.



Felix has short wood-brown hair and nut-brown eyes. Felix is often seen wearing brown or green clothes. He tends to pick light green shorts. He has a little fox shaped scar on the back of his neck. He can sometimes be seen wearing a wood necklace.



Felix's choice of weapon would be a Axe. He is talented with axes, using them from a early age.



Felix is talented at using axes, because he used them from a early age! Because his mum is a painted, he is skilled at Camoflaging. Felix also is good at climbing trees, being mostly out with nature.



Felix is horrible at swimming and would probably drown if he had to swim. Felix is also horrible at using any weapons except axes.



Felix's only has one known fear.


A fear of fire is known as Arsonphobia. He has been afraid of fire since the terrible accident that happened at his aunt's house. Her aunt died in a fire. Every night he has the same nightmare, the nightmare about the event. This is what formed his fear on fire. His fear of fire isn't strong but Felix trys to avoid fire.

Family: Edit


Barry Wood (Father) Age: 38
Lisa Wood (Mother) Age: 36
Cora Wood (Aunt) (Died) Age: 43

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